Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ryan Walter: Stay Hungry. Play Your Best Game.

Ryan Walter is the new assistant to Coach Yogi Bear (artistic rendering of Coach Vigneault by Hanna Barbera). He may not have been a hip TV color analyst despite his almost Kerry Fraser-like 'do, but at least he's hip with the kids with his very own Web site.

Apparently, Mr. Walter is a "leadership expert" (it's a four-year degree course at the University of Mars, according to Dean Otis Sistrunk) so maybe he can give the Nux new captain (we all know Naslund is toast) some tips. He also "synergizes teams" so Canuck fans look for a lot of synergy drinks on the bench in 08/09.

It also looks like his winning strategy involves denying players food before games. Yes, boys, stay hungry and play your best, as Ryan Walter says!

In case you are wondering "Why Ryan?" then wonder no more. His own Web site explains it all:

Why Ryan?

Has exceptional ability to create inspirational, interactive learning
Makes meeting planners SHINE
Customizes Presentations to fit clients' desired outcomes
Has Masters Degree in Leadership/Business
Has Celebrity Status: 15 years in the NHL, 12 years as a TV Broadcaster, actor in the movie MIRACLE
Is a natural communicator using stories in his keynotes and interactive games in his breakout sessions to powerfully connect with people
Was a leader at a young age (the youngest captain in the NHL), and has passion for being on the cutting edge of leadership
Will host a dynamic Q&A with your audience
Understands organization/business problems and leadership solutions
Leverages personal success stories to inspire the HUNGRY SPIRIT and connect the leadership dots
You get to wear his Stanley Cup Ring

*Ring wearing may rotate on a counter-clockwise basis around the dressing room and be available only on game nights. Breakout sessions will hopefully involve tape-to-tape passes and not so much of that "off the boards to no one" play (known locally as the Willie Mitchell Special).

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Doug Dinsdale said...

Considering that he had all the personality of any random inanimate object on TV, I'm sure he's a perfect fit as a motivational expert for the Nux.
Looking forward to the day he gets canned for failing to motivate the skill-challenged bunch to reach the "next level."