Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Apocalypse Is Not Nigh...It's Here!

I'm not talking about the latest Wall Street crash as anyone with half a brain who is not retiring tomorrow knows this is the best time to buy in. The apocalypse is here because now we have Canucks' pre-season games being televised.

Let alone the fact all 82 mostly meaningless regular season games are not on TV, be it network, cable or pay, but what fan with the other half of that same brain would watch this dreck. Basically, we are living in a great era of sports information but you're telling me that in the midst of the last week of terrific MLB playoff races, Sportsnet Pacific decides pre-season hockey is a better ratings bonanza.

P.S. If you thought Dan Russell was hopeless at play-by-play, anyone who caught even five seconds of Don Taylor doing one of those games will know it isn't a job just any Joe Sports Journalist can do.

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