Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bingo Bango . . . and Bozo

How to not take a stranglehold of a series:

1. Play a 6th string defenceman (Andrew Alberts) enough to take more dumb penalties.

2. Allow powerplay goals to a team who seem unable to play 5-on-5.

3. Score an own goal in overtime (hey, Roberto, the knob on the end of your stick is there for a reason).

Not that I'm whining as this will maybe reduce the hype over the Nux Cup hopes and these so-called fans will get a more realistic perspective as there are 15 other teams in the playoffs still.
One big worry is the Sedins were shut down and wasn't that the problem in the past? Keep an eye on the two road games because ultimately no matter how much secondary scoring the Nux get, it comes down to the Sedins as far as going on a Cup run let alone surviving rd. 1.

So onto more entertaining series ans issues. First off, tune in to TSN's pre-game show today as ex-Canuck, current-Yotes Taylor Pyatt opens up about last season's sudden death of his girlfriend. Pretty good preview here.

Then watch some real hockey as Detroit and Phoenix do battle. For my eyeballs, this has been the series with the most flow with no dreadfully dull stretches. Hard to believe with Dave Tippett coaching the Yotes but maybe the Wings just bring that skating out in other teams.

Throw in four other games and it's a hockey fan's day in heaven...albeit I have to get outside and play some tennis and let the DVR work OT or I'll become a real potato rather than just a couch one.

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