Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This Gillis Better Be Better Than the Last Gillis

So Markus Naslund's agent is now the Canucks' GM. Look out, Toronto, our soap opera may be better than yours! Well, hopefully, he is no Mike Barnett as far as agents becoming GMs.

One hopeful sign is the guy has character. He took on agent (and I use that term very loosely) Alan Eagleson after that fraud artist starting screwing Mike Gillis out of some of his disability cash from his NHL playing career ending.

Other than that let's just hope he has a better run than the other Gillis the Canucks employed in the past. All I remember about "Jere" Gillis was #21 being another of those colossal Canuck first round draft pick failures. His best season was 23 goals in his rookie season and that was pretty much it. He did score 50...with some team called the Solihill Barons in the British Hockey League. So he had that going for him.

Hopefully, Mike Gillis has a whole lot more going for himself...and can light a fire under Captain Markus.

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