Friday, April 25, 2008

Whiteout the Whiteout

Am I missing something? The Penguins pulled the old "whiteout" giving out free white T-shirts for tonight's Game 1 vs. the Rangers. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the Pens won on the night 5-4 but they had to claw back from a slow start falling 3-0 down early on.

So, why the whiteout? It never worked well for the Winnipeg Jets all those years, and it nearly did not work tonight at the Mellonhead Arena. I just never got the whiteout. If anything fans should wear the black so the puck is harder to see among all the black T-shirts and jerseys.

From the city that gave sports the Terrible Towel of Pittsburgh Steelers' fame, why are the Pens aping an idea from a city that not only lost its NHL franchise but also never really did anything in the playoffs?

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