Monday, May 19, 2008

BC Place to Go Topless

So our fine Metrodome copy stadium is not going to get the right field Baggie but is going to go topless thanks to German Frankfurter technology (and The News of the World for this aerial shot of Frankfurt's Commerzbank Arena )! Break out the beer steins and lederhosen!

So besides now being able to enjoy the fights and drunks at BC Lions games out in the fresh air, the Vancouver "yeah we're still around" Whitecaps of the immortal USL (Useless Soccer League) are moving back into BC Place. Could this mean the glory days of the NASL are not far behind? So the $200 million earmarked is to be spent on said roof and for a new Vancouver Art Gallery at the Plaza of Nations location. Why not get that whole soccer/art crossover really rockin' and construct a Willie Johnston statue by the corner flag with Wee Willie quaffing a pint as he takes the corner kick (although that actually happened in an away game in San Jose but...artistic license, eh)? Och aye, Willie'd be intae it given his love of Vancouver and fashion/art.

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