Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Soothing Sounds of The Mike Gillis Experience

If you missed it, download the Pratt and Taylor podcast from May 5 for an hour-long "discussion" with Mike Gillis. Here's the edited version:

Mikey likeys the Sandy Alderson (updated translation: Billy Beane of the Oakland A's) way of approaching the evaluation of players (meaning maybe the Nux will start to draft actual talent and not off the NHL's Central Scouting list). He can't really tell you much about anything he's really going to do because you media guys keep really bugging me...really. His dulcet tones can even put those donkey-braying yahoos who par-tay on Granville Street to sleep. And, oh yeah, he likes the hockey that is being played in this year's playoffs.

Other than that, at least apparently Luongo wants to stay and the Gillman hinted he "likes" an uptempo style of play.

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