Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Need Info And I Need It Now!

Finding links that actually are helpful has been a bit of a pain for the Olympics. You'd think there would be one central place that was easy to find what hockey fans need to know.

For rosters and player numbers, try here.

For the most up-to-date blogs especially on line combinations and injuries seems to surprisingly be the nhl.com site here.

The Toronto Star (putting the Sun and Province to shame) has the best page (Olympic Tip Sheet) on what events on on, what to look for, results, etc., for the entire Olympics here. Throw in Canada's best sportswriter in Damien Cox and that's all you really need for hockey.

Black marks for the CTV Olympics site for being a mess to navigate easily to what you want (hey, they've at least finally figured out to put links up sport by sport). They do have a good hockey pool setup. My bro' adds their online video content is wonky. You're better off going to usual sports feeds at My P2P.

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