Thursday, February 25, 2010

United In Their Love Of Italian Food

Now that all is right with the world and Canada truly has a "team" in every sense of the word with 12 players in on the goals and not one named Crosby! That win vs. Russia has to rank as one of the greatest Team Canada performances ever. As long as Canada takes gold it will atone for the 1981 8-1 loss in the Canada Cup Final--the only time the Russians (disguised as Soviets back then) absolutely destroyed our best.

Also, would the TV announcers stop talking about Canada's Olympic W-L records vs. various teams here? None of this is relevant as prior to Nagano 1998, it was amateurs for Canada in the Olympics vs. de facto pros disguised as amateurs (re., the Eastern bloc teams during the Cold War). Beaver tails and bear claws or apples and oranges, if you prefer, comrades.

Onto more important hockey celeb sighting. This just in from Steve in East Van at 6 pm Thursday. Team USA are having a team dinner at La Piazza Dario (located on Slocan and E. 1th Ave.). The whole crew from Burkey on down to the 4th liners are there. Apparently this is where they've been showing up the night after games so should the US beat Finland tomorrow, look for them there on Saturday night. Bring your camera and an extra T-shirt in case Patrick Kane gets wild with the honeys again.

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